Build: Creek Shopping Center

09-22-15_12-18 PM-2Creek Shopping Center

Lot: Oakenstead
Type: Retail (or Bar)
[Download]09-22-15_12-18 PM-3mall 09-22-15_12-21 PMentryway sitting area 09-22-15_12-23 PM-3garden/knick-knack store 09-22-15_12-23 PMtoy store 09-22-15_12-22 PM-2indoor playground 09-22-15_12-21 PM-3knock-off Victoria’s Secret 09-22-15_12-22 PMsports store 09-22-15_12-20 PM-3food court seating/bathrooms 09-22-15_12-19 PMfood court seating/overview of second floor 09-22-15_12-12 AMfood court 09-22-15_12-20 PMteen clothing store (knock-off Hot Topic)09-22-15_12-24 PMteen clothing store (knock-off Hot Topic) 09-22-15_12-20 PM-2business/formal clothing store

09-22-15_1-38 PMrestaurant (knock off Pizza Street, but serves whatever someone cooks)09-22-15_12-25 PMbuffet 09-22-15_1-40 PM-2icecream 09-22-15_12-25 PM-3seating 09-22-15_12-25 PM-4private seating/mini arcade

09-22-15_12-28 PM-2bookstore (knock-off Barnes & Noble) 09-22-15_12-29 PMereader tablets 09-22-15_12-29 PM-2journal section 09-22-15_12-30 PM-2sale/clearance section 09-22-15_12-30 PM-4sales/clearance; kids’ section 09-22-15_12-31 PM-2kids’ section 09-22-15_12-31 PMbathrooms/magazines section 09-22-15_12-32 PMcafe (knock-off Starbucks)

09-22-15_12-26 PMincense store (knock-off hookah bar/vape shop, hence the hazy windows)09-21-15_9-29 PM-2nighttime view 09-22-15_12-28 PMsketchy back alley


6 thoughts on “Build: Creek Shopping Center

    1. Lol, I have no intention of using them as shops whatsoever. xD I started it to have a date/hang-out place for my simself and friends, taking it one familiar store at a time. They’re all Sims versions of our favorite stores from when we were in boarding school — it turned out a lot better than I imagined it (yay for clutter! xD). Glad you like it! But I’m always envious of your builds — so beautiful. ^.^

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