#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 4: Gilchrist

09-08-15_10-00 PMWhen I revisited the Gilchrist house, I immediately knew something was wrong.  The couple bickered non-stop.  Leland was flat-out Mean, and Winona was taking none of his plum.  Maybe this is why Winona has looked Sad around the community?

09-08-15_10-07 PMWinona had a certain favorite whim of mine in her panel, so I thought perhaps a baby would bring them closer together.  The first try failed, after which Leland rolled the whim.  That failed as well, and immediately after taking the pregnancy test, Winona rolled Try for Baby again.  09-09-15_10-00 AM-2Third time’s the charm! 09-09-15_10-24 AMAs I thought it might, the baby really did bring them closer together.  Leland softened up a bit and Winona started spend less time skilling and more time with the hubby.

pranksBecoming “Partners in Crime” also brought the couple closer together, and their pranks were pretty successful!  Good to know that the town criminals are suckers for cute llamas.

EscalatedQuicklyAnd…some of his pranks don’t go so well.  That escalated quickly.  o.o

09-09-15_10-27 AM-2Leland’s been making a lot of progress in his Chief of Mischief aspiration; he’s currently on the last milestone.  It also helps that he’s targeted a few townies to take out his Mean actions on, so he isn’t using them as much around the house.  (Leland lost that fight, for the record.)

09-09-15_11-17 AM“Is my gourmet cooking really that bad?”  Nope!  It’s baby time!

09-09-15_11-19 AM-2Finally, the first couple of the entire rotation has their first baby — a boy named Nikolas (randomly rolled — it kind of fits Leland’s side of the family).09-09-15_11-21 AM-3His name might be from Leland, but Winona’s coloring is certainly dominant!  He gained the Creative trait after his mother, and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration (I think it’s safe to say he takes that after his father).

09-08-15_10-09 PMThree people in a one-bedroom house just wasn’t going to work very well, so the family moved to a double-wide three bedroom, three bathroom trailer next door.  They’ll be keeping the old house as a criminal hide-out/safe house, because it’s full of Leland’s criminal career reward objects. 09-09-15_11-26 AM-2overview 09-09-15_11-26 AM-3This house is a larger, updated version of their old house.  This kitchen/living room/dining room combo is quite possible one of my favorite starter “great rooms”! 09-09-15_11-28 AM-2master bedroom 09-09-15_11-33 AM-2Nikolas’ room




He’s ADORABLE!  He’s a really good mix too, I think.  He has his mother’s exact skin tone and hair color.   His eye color is one shade darker of blue than his father’s, and I think his eye shape is his father’s.  His nose is his mother’s, and I think his lips are a variation of his father’s.  I’m not completely sure, but I think he has his mother’s face shape and jawline with his father’s cheekbones?09-09-15_11-50 AM-2Bonus:  Look at his adorable self-chosen party outfit!  omg ❤


3 thoughts on “#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 4: Gilchrist

    1. Surprisingly, having a baby actually helped them out! I think…Idk, I only played them for like one day after Nikolas aged up. They’ll probably be spiraling toward divorce when I get back around to them. xD


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