#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 3: Jackson

4The second founding couple of my #RebuildWillowCreek Rotation is the Asian female | Black male combination, Tyrone and Mei Jackson. 5Ty’s always wanted to be in the limelight, and what light is limer than a devastated, crawling-with-journalists Willow Creek, ready for him to take it by storm?  (Whoops–too soon?)  With the help of his publicist and wife, Mei, he’s moving in and moving up — straight to the top, baby!  Everybody’s gonna know the name “Young Simoleon”…eventually.  His traits are Music Lover, Creative, and Bro.  His aspiration is Musical Genius and he has joined the Entertainer career, aiming for the Musician branch. 6I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke-de-broke.  Mei is Tyrone aka Young Simoleon’s manager, publicist, wife, and just about everything else — but she isn’t limiting her options.  Sure, she might have to have a baby or two to tie herself to his money, but she’s got plans of her own.  Someday, she’s going to have the biggest Record Company in the business.  Her traits are Ambitious, Genius, and Romantic.  Her aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy, and she is in the Business career aiming for the Investor branch. 09-03-15_4-18 PMThe couple lives in a large modern mansion on the lot Cypress Terrace.  It features a gorgeous outdoor entertaining area, two huge bedrooms, and extremely expensive furnishings.09-06-15_10-57 AMThat smoulder.  I’m not gonna lie, I have a serious Simcrush on Young Simoleon Tyrone.  BabyTimeMei must think he’s pretty great too, because she rolled a Try for Baby whim the first night!  Not something I was expecting, but I’ll oblige.failedPoor baby!  She’s the first Sim I’ve had fail to conceive in a looong time, the animations were hard to watch.  😦09-06-15_11-08 AMI felt so bad, I had them try again before they went to bed.  Whew!  Baby is on the way, and Mei is happy again.09-06-15_10-31 AMThe pregnancy really flew by.  This couple is really career-oriented, so I focused more on their careers than the pregnancy progression.  Ty reached level 4 in piano, 3 in guitar, and 2 in mixology (autonomously, I might add.  Lol, bros), and got promoted once.09-06-15_12-51 PMMei reached level 4 in charisma, 3 in logic, and got promoted twice.  She flies through her paperwork at night in about half an hour — something I haven’t seen while playing a Business Sim before!  I’m not sure if it’s due to her Genius trait or Business Savvy.09-06-15_12-52 PMNow, as much as I would like to pretend that everything was sunshine and rainbows in this household, it wasn’t.  Ty stressed Mei out to no end by continuously catching the kitchen on fire.  09-06-15_12-55 PMAnd towards the end of the pregnancy, Mei really struggled with her bladder.  I swear I tried to get her to the bathroom in time…  “Get this plumming creature out of me before it destroys my bladder permanently!”09-06-15_11-16 AMAfter a nice bath, it was baby time.  I sent her to the hospital, as there is no nursery in the house.  Of course, hoping for a girl, I got…09-06-15_1-08 PM…a boy.  Well, I guess I’m not glitched!  (I’m keeping the bedroom the same.  Screw gender stereotypes; the room is pretty.)  Welcome to the fam, Marlon Jackson. 09-06-15_1-09 PMHe aged up with the Artist Prodigy aspiration and Mean trait.  Time for some cute kid spam!

09-08-15_10-14 AM09-08-15_10-11 AM09-08-15_10-17 AM 09-08-15_10-56 AM-209-08-15_10-38 AM-209-08-15_10-49 AM“Paps, your raps suck.  Eat yo cheesy bread and stop tryna preach to me while I’m schoolin’.”

“Boy, who you think you talking to like that?”09-08-15_10-50 AM“Karma gon catch up wit yo ass, llamas gon split yo house in half.”*

He didn’t.09-08-15_2-01 PMMarlon took his anger out on the dollhouse.  I didn’t even know it was possible for kids to destroy dollhouses!   09-08-15_2-02 PM“Much better.”  This kid.  Ugh.09-08-15_10-34 AM

Apparently Ty decided he didn’t want that little plum for an heir to his musical legacy, and hopped in the sack to make another.09-08-15_10-39 AMVictory.  Let’s hope this one turns out better. 09-08-15_10-40 AM-2“Nah, I ain’t crying.  Just got some happiness in my eye.” 09-08-15_11-04 AMPregnancy farts.  Omfg. 09-08-15_11-13 AMJanae stopped by one weekend!  She and Ty were already friends, but she actually spent more time with her mom’s long-time friend, Mei!  I love how close these two families are. 09-08-15_11-15 AMGet it, girls!09-08-15_11-15 AM-2Janae is seriously so beautiful.  Hopefully Mei’s baby girl will be just as beautiful!  — That’s right, I influenced her pregnancy to get a girl.  I think Ty needs a little princess to spoil. 09-08-15_2-04 PM-2Before long, Mei went into labor.  Time for the moment of truth…did the influencing work?09-08-15_2-04 PM-5It did!  Mei had a baby girl and named her Victoria Jackson. 09-08-15_2-21 PM“Prepare yo’self for da best storytelling of yo life.”  Vicky aged up to be the first Whiz Kid in the save!  She also gained the Music Lover trait like her father.

09-08-15_2-52 PMWhen it was time to throw Marlon’s birthday party, all hell broke loose.  Marlon picked a fight with Leland, Vicky was in a really sad mood from school, and Ty came down sick with gas-n-giggles.  It was up to Mei to save the day by baking the birthday cake, and with absolutely no cooking skill, she burnt down half of the kitchen. 09-08-15_2-53 PMMei: “I ruined the party…”

Everyone:  “Yeah, you did.”09-08-15_3-01 PMTy baked up a quick cake, and at the very last moment, Marlon aged up.  Somehow, we managed to snag a gold party rating. 09-08-15_3-02 PM-3He gained the Outgoing trait and Party Animal aspiration.  Should be…fun?


Marlon JacksonMarlon CHmarlonTeenbase copyMarlon’s skin tone is half-way between his parents’.  He has Mei’s face shape and cheekbones with Ty’s jawline.  He has his mother’s eye color and his father’s eye shape, nose, lips.


victoriachVictoria’s skin tone is a couple of shades darker than her mother’s.  She has her mother’s face shape, cheekbones, and jawline, and her father’s eyes, nose, and lips.

*The original line is from Candlelight by E-40, “Karma ‘a catchup wit yo past (wit yo past), llamas ‘a split yo house in half.”


3 thoughts on “#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 3: Jackson

  1. This household is super chaotic! I guess it’s fun since there’s so much going on. Marlon was quite the brat as a child! I wonder if his entitledness will carry forward into his teen years? Victoria’s definitely going to be the darling of the family, for sure.

    I was so amused by their antics. That woohoo which conceived Victoria had Jackson’s foot near Mei’s head, what the plum?! Were they trying out some weird Simasutra position? xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those two have the CRAZIEST woohoo life. Seriously, that’s like all they did the first few days. Sooo many whims. Ughhh. I don’t want to be involved in their woohoo life anymore. xD

      Victoria’s definitely the princess. The name was generated too! How perfect.

      Marlon is SUCH a brat. 😡 Hopefully he grows out of it a little bit.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Lol! That look on marlon’s fce when he wrecked the doll house! Pure gold. Also, the comment about taking Willow Creek by storm… This was such a funny one! I like that they have bratty kids. It seems appropriate 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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