#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 2: Ho’opi’i

10The second founding couple of my #RebuildWillowCreek Rotation is the White female | Pacific Islander male combination, Charley and Hakumele Ho’opi’i.11Haku Ho’opi’i is a laid-back, fun-loving beach bum.   He relocated to Newcrest after Hurricane Mortimer destroyed his island home, where he met his wife-to-be, Charley.  They ran away to Willow Creek to escape Charley’s controlling parents.  His traits are Cheerful, Loner, and Loves Outdoors.  His aspiration is Master Mixologist, and he has joined the Culinary career, aiming for the correlating Mixologist branch.12Charley was born and raised in the quiet town of Newcrest, constantly under the close supervision of her over-protective, controlling parents.  She was the picture-perfect child: perfect grades, perfect attitude, perfect everything.  As she got older, a spark of rebellion and resentment grew, and eventually she saw her escape in her now-husband, Hakumele.   Her traits are Perfectionist, Loner, and Creative.  Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire, and she has joined the Painter career, aiming for the Master of the Real branch.09-03-15_10-04 PM-2The couple lives in a moderate beach front family home.   It has an extreme open-concept, with no real distinction between indoors and out.  Featuring three large bedrooms, the family has plenty of room to grow, which is something Charley is eager to do!  baby timeBeing an only child led Charley to be shy and somewhat socially awkward; she and Haku bonded over their similar living situations.  Haku relates to her lonely childhood, but only because his siblings were much older than him and had already left the home.  Charley immediately rolled a whim to Try for a Baby once the household loaded.  She wants to start as soon as possible so she has plenty of time to have plenty of children; she doesn’t want her own kids to go through what she did. 09-03-15_10-05 PM-2Once again, I was surprised at how affectionate this couple was straight out of CAS.  Their first interaction — autonomous, at that — was a kiss.  Seeing that they were “in the mood,” I figured there’s no time like the present and sent them off for some hot tub fun. 09-03-15_10-07 PM-2The backyard is bigger than the house itself, which was done purposefully, due to the couple’s “outdoor-loving hippie” vibe.  It’s definitely the busiest part of the house; most of their food is grilled, all meals are eaten at the bar (despite having a perfectly good indoor eating space), and the hot tub is the romance hot spot. 09-03-15_10-09 PMI knew I would like this couple — I loved their hippie vibe — but I wasn’t expecting to love them this much.  Finally out from under her parents’ thumb, she’s letting her rebellious side run wild; she always has a sassy smirk on her face, as if she’s challenging someone–anyone–the world.  09-05-15_1-21 PMHaku has a much more laid-back, chill attitude, preferring hugs and cheek kisses to more passionate forms of affection.  The wildest he gets is in the kitchen, accidentally dropping a bowl of lettuce everywhere. 09-03-15_10-11 PM-2Toilet confetti!  We all know what that means… 09-03-15_10-11 PM-3Again, so chill about everything.  So happy, no worries.   09-03-15_10-12 PM“Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” 09-03-15_10-08 PMA sad-looking Winona trudged by the house later that day.  Perhaps she’s a bit bitter over the fact that she didn’t get to have the first baby?  09-03-15_10-38 PM-2Mei also stopped by — she was super excited for the expecting couple.09-04-15_10-44 AM When the morning sickness so bad you fly to the bathroom… here for teh babyLooks like someone’s had a change of heart!  Ah, family Sims.09-04-15_10-23 AM-2Okay, so… still bitter.09-04-15_11-42 AMSo much for being so chill all the time.  Haku completed flipped out when Charley went into labor.  09-04-15_11-43 AM-2Meet the first baby of the entire save, Janae Ho’op’i!  Her name was rolled randomly, and I love it!  Seems perfect for a half-White, half-Pacific Islander.shelookslikeme“She looks like me!”  Yes, she is the spitting image of Haku.  I aged her up immediately, as per my aging rules.*   She gained the Geek trait and Social Butterfly aspiration.  09-04-15_11-31 AMNaturally, the first order of business was to make some friends.  Who better than our local Insane criminal?!09-04-15_11-59 AMMaybe that wasn’t the best idea.09-04-15_12-04 PMShe’s a total daddy’s girl.  They became BFF’s in just one day!09-04-15_1-22 PMBut she loves mommy too; they get to spend mother-daughter time when Haku’s at work. 09-04-15_1-53 PMBeing a Geek, Janae loves exploring Willow Creek and bringing home all kinds of stuff she finds.  Also, I’ve never seen this part of Willow Creek before!  It’s beautiful!09-04-15_1-52 PM 09-04-15_1-50 PM-2 09-04-15_1-50 PMNow…if only I could get her to bed at a reasonable time…  (I accidentally had her collecting til 4AM…on a school night.  Bad parent alert.)09-04-15_1-47 PMHere’s her bedroom, kind of geeky, kind of tomboyish.09-04-15_1-27 PMHer friends seem to approve!  At this point, she completed her Social Butterfly aspiration and had an A in school!  Time to age up soon…09-04-15_1-28 PM-2“Look, dinoslut.  She’s mine, got that???  MINE!”  I think her little redheaded friend has a crush on her; he’s really clingy and…possessive?

09-05-15_11-32 AMGuess who had another Try for Baby whim?   09-05-15_11-58 AMAnd baby #2 is on the way!   (Haku’s acting all chill again.  We’ll see how long that lasts.)09-05-15_1-23 PMJanae’s excited to be a big sister!09-04-15_6-12 PMBut she’s also enjoying her last days as an only child.09-04-15_11-28 AMMei, unlike other Sims we know, is super excited for Charley.09-04-15_11-30 AM-2
They’re so cute together!  I guess opposites do attract.

09-05-15_1-40 PMWe threw a little party for Janae, so she would be the center of attention before the baby arrived. 09-05-15_1-40 PM-4She gained the Art Lover trait and Best-selling Author aspiration.  I love the combination — Art Lover will help get her inspired, and I enjoy the author aspiration in general. 09-05-15_2-09 PMYup, I knew he’d lose his cool eventually. 09-05-15_2-17 PMWelcome baby Lilian to the family!  (It was at this point I starting worrying about getting a girls-only-glitch, because I actually influenced the pregnancy to get a boy…hm.) 09-05-15_2-20 PMLilian acquired the Good trait and Social Butterfly aspiration like her sister.09-05-15_2-23 PM-2 Gotta go make some friends for that aspiration!

Goals for next time I play:

Haku: complete aspiration then age up

Charley: complete aspiration then age up, get pregnant again if a whim is rolled (I want her to have two more children — boys)

Janae: get an A in school, max the Barista career, complete the first milestone of her aspiration then age up

Lilian: get an A in school, complete aspiration then age up



Janae ChildChild 1 TTeen

Janae’s skin tone is half way between her parents’; she has her mother’s face shape and hair color, and she has her father’s cheekbones, eye shape and color, nose, and mouth.

Lilian2 ChLilian has her mother’s skin tone, hair color, face shape, eye shape, and nose; she has her father’s cheekbones, eye color, and lips.

*Aging Rules:

Aging Off for everyone, played and non-played.

Babies age up immediately.

Children age up after completing their randomly rolled aspiration and earning an A in school.

Teens age up after reaching level three in a teen career and earning an A in school.

Young Adults age up after completing their randomly rolled aspiration and reaching level five in a career.

Adults age up after have at least two children and reaching level ten in a career.

Elders will live forever in autonomous peace, residing in retirement homes in Newcrest and Oasis Springs.


4 thoughts on “#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 2: Ho’opi’i

  1. *ninjapig snuggles the couple* They’re so sweet together. And congratulations on two beautiful daughters! I love how you gave us a detailed breakdown of the genetic makeup of these two.

    Hoping that there isn’t a glitch in your game! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They’re my favorite couple<3

      The genetics are so fun! The rotation in general is so fun — no stress, I play at my own pace, age up when I complete my own goals — there's no slow parts or way too busy parts. Just right. ^.^

      I got a boy in another household (spoiler?), and I'm trying to influence the current pregnancy to get a girl…if it doesn't work, I think it's a pop/alt music glitch, not necessarily a gender roll glitch. Time to stock up on strawberries and carrots! XD

      Liked by 2 people

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