#RebuildWillowCreek Rotation 1: Gilchrist

empty willow

I’ve decided to participate in OJenn’s #RebuildWillowCreek genetics challenge!  As per the rules, I’ve (I mean, Hurricane Mortimer has) destroyed Willow Creek, and I’ve created my founding couple (one of four, actually — but more on that later!): Native American female | white male, Winona and Leland Gilchrist.

2Leland Gilchrist is a descendant of a long line of notorious Scandinavian pirates.  His appearance is class: blonde hair and blue eyes.  His “dark” personality shines through in his clothing choices and body art (two tattoos and some eyeshadow).  His traits are Genius, Insane, and Self-assured.  He has the Chief of Mischief aspiration and has joined the Criminal career, aiming for the Boss branch.3Winona Gilchrist, formerly Littlefeather, has roots in Willow Creek that trace back farther than any other family; her ancestors lived in the area long before it became known as “Willow Creek.”  She has a ruddy complexion, and her vibrant red hair emphasizes it.  Her traits are Creative, Family-oriented, and Self-assured.  She has the Renaissance Sim aspiration and is a career-hopper, currently working through the Scientist career. 09-02-15_1-04 PMThey have a modest trailer home in a lower-end side of town; the town industrial yard and junk yard is their backyard.  Being so close to work, Leland loves their home, but Winona wishes to expand their family.  With only one bedroom and one bathroom, they are already cramped.  (Build tour is here.)09-02-15_4-14 PMI hadn’t played a married-in-CAS couple until this challenge, and I was pleasantly surprised to see these two get along so well.  There wasn’t any awkwardness or tension, and their relationship bars maxed-out quickly (as in, under one Sim-hour quickly).  They’re always autonomously flirting when they’re in the same room!09-02-15_1-48 PMI’m also pleasantly surprised by their “intelligence” — I’m used to the dumb, “dying-because-they-won’t-fill-their-hunger-meter” straight-out-of-CAS Sims.  When I’m not micromanaging them, both Win and Lee (usually) choose activities that apply to their careers/aspirations!  Lee spends a lot of time reading and trolling teh forums; Win prefers watching the cooking channel and painting (Abstract style is her favorite).

09-02-15_1-46 PMThey play off of each other’s confidence so well — I think that’s what makes them such a good couple.  Suave kisses are usually their version of “good morning,” Winona loves showing off her (nonexistant) muscles, and Lee tells the best Unbelievable Stories.  They both roll whims to “win a card game” often, and it’s hilarious watching their (awful) poker faces (while building logic!  Bonus!).09-02-15_2-16 PMAfter a few Sim-weeks of gameplay, Lee had achieved level five of his career and builds mischief really quickly.  I only recently switched his aspiration from Successful Lineage to Chief of Mischief, so he hasn’t made any progress on it (he hadn’t made any progress on the other aspiration either — this couple is focusing on their careers and aspirations for awhile before having a family).  09-02-15_5-07 PMHe only has one friend aside from Winona (he is a bit socially impaired, being an Insane criminal and all).  Watson takes his mischief in stride; being a Good Sim, he’s just happy that Leland’s happy.  They’re a good pair.  (And thankfully no one else lives in this neighborhood.)09-02-15_1-50 PMWinona is doing amazingly well in her aspiration; she’s already on the third milestone.  The only thing holding her back is her career.  I’m trying to reach level 4 in the Scientist career to get the chem lab for logic-building purposes; she should achieve that next time I play them, then she’ll switch to the Culinary career.

Goals for the next time I play:

Leland: complete the first three milestones of his aspiration, achieve level 6 in the Criminal career and choose the Boss branch

Winona: complete the third milestone of her aspiration, achieve level 3 in the Culinary career, get pregnant if a Try for Baby whim is rolled

Click here for the next Gilchrist rotation.  (Coming soon!)

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