Unwritten: Generation 1

I play an “unwritten” (no storyline) Pinstar Legacy in whimacy style, promoting Sims’ self-awareness and autonomy.   The reason it’s “unwritten” is for two reasons: 1) it’s less stressful for me to play — I don’t have to remember what happened and pause every two seconds for screenshots, and 2) it allows the Sims to tell the “story” — I’m not coming up with some storyline in my head that I want them to follow.  But, because I’m so used to doing just that, of course I take screenshots every two seconds and remember the story anyway.  I’m a writer!  I need to write!  Plus, this family is highly entertaining (in my opinion), and deserves some amount of documentation, so here it is: the recap of Gen 1.

The Narrative

feel free to skip/skim, this just explains the screenshots below in greater detail

First things first, our founder is Nyla Sharp: Self-assured, Perfectionist, Music Lover, aspiring Master Mixologist.  The name was randomly generated in CAS, and I thought it fit her well, so it stuck.  Mixology has always been one of my favorite Sim activities, and I’ve never completed the aspiration — so here’s my chance!  I’ve noticed that CAS Sims are a hit-and-miss — sometimes they fit their traits and aspiration perfectly, other times they have their own ideas of who they want to be.  Nyla is the former — she’s a super confident mixologist through and through.

She took things at her own pace: she met her spouse-to-be after only a few days in-game, but didn’t roll the whim to get engaged/married until her early Adult days.  She focused on her career and friends during her YA days — she was best friends with Dina Caliente (co-worker) and good friends with Zoe Patel and Summer Holiday.  During a particularly flirty house party, she actually sparked up a romantic relationship with her spouse-to-be and Zoe — at the same time!  That lasted for about two days, until Zoe came over in an Angry mood and started insulting her.  That fight destroyed their relationship, and the two never made amends.

After her Adult birthday, Ny finally rolled the whim to get engaged to her boyfriend, Gerardo Duvall.  He was neighborhood mailman and a fellow Self-assured Sim.  They had been best friends and boyfriend-girlfriend for most of Nyla’s young adult lifestage.  I suppose she finally realized her biological clock was ticking and proposed on the spot.  At this point, I moved him into the household so I could begin working on his aspiration and give him a life potion if necessary.  He had the Friend of the World aspiration, which was super easy to complete as he already had tons of friends from Nyla’s parties and being a mailman.  He aged up just a few days before Nyla, so I stuck a youth potion in his inventory and let him be.  He got an Insta-lean potion to help with his body shape (itty bitty shoulders, pot belly), a makeover in CAS, and joined the Business career (his thought bubble was a simoleon — I assumed that meant business).

The couple had an outdoor wedding at the local museum (fitting, as Gerardo’s also has the Loves Outdoors and Snob traits).  They chose their own outfit for the wedding — full-blown formal (again, fitting for a Snob).  It was a decent-sized wedding with most of their close friends in attendance.  The wedding went off without a hitch (aside from Gerardo passing out at the very end), and we nailed a Gold rating.  At this point, the house got a remodel to prepare for any possible nooboos.  Gerardo was the one to roll the Try for Baby whim, and it was almost at the very end of their Adult lifestage.  It took on the first try!  She woke up in the middle of the night with a shower of confetti falling around her, promptly woke up Ger to share the big news, then ran to the bathroom to throw up her guts.

The pregnancy went pretty smoothly.  Nyla invited Dina and Summer over on her day off to share the news; they seemed a bit bitter…  (They probably wanted children of their own, but this is a Pinstar legacy and I’m actually sticking to the only-play-the-legacy-household rule!)  The couple continued working to furnish the nursery.  After one particularly bad day at work, Ny rolled a whim to go to the spa; I sent them on a date as sort of a late wedding present.  Naturally, she ran straight for the bar.  They didn’t do any “spa” stuff — they were too busy flirting, having deep conversations, and judging the yoga class.

After a few short days, Payton Sharp was born and later aged up.  She rolled the Rambunctious Scamp aspirations and the Perfectionist trait after her mother.  She inherited Ger’s hair color, and a combination of the two for everything else.  She has Don Lothario’s green eye color, despite both of her parents having blue-grey eyes.  Over-all, genetics played out beautifully in this one!

Almost immediately after Payton’s birth, Nyla rolled the Try for Baby whim.  A couple of days later, she rolled it again; apparently it hadn’t taken.  It didn’t take the second time either.  After that, she only rolled Woohoo whims.  The two aged up into Elders, ending my chances of getting a spare for gen two — or so I thought.  Among the craziness of trying to level up in careers, complete aspirations, get good grades, and Payton’s teen birthday, Gerardo got abducted!  He was impregnated by Senior Pollinator #3, and a few rough days later, Raspberry Twizzler “Razzy” Duvall joined the family.  (Shout out to the Writers’ Lounge for helping me with the name.)

Razzy aged up with the Cheerful trait and Rambunctious Scamp aspiration.  She is in the running for the heirship, as my succession laws allow for adopted children to become heir, and I consider her Nyla’s adopted daughter.  I suppose now would be a good time to explain how I’ll be “choosing” an heir.  Because I’m playing this whimacy style and promoting Sim autonomy, I don’t want to force a Sim to be the heir if he/she doesn’t want to be.  Therefore, the first Sim to roll the Try for Baby whim and bring about the next generation will be locked in as “Heir.”

The following days were a bit hectic but fun.  The Elders both drank a cup of Youth Potion (my choice).  Nyla reached level 10 in her career; Gerardo reached level 9 of the Management branch, and needed only one more day at work to reach level 10.  Payton dedicated herself to her new Musical Genius aspiration with the violin as her instrument of choice (she particularly liked the Bring to Tears option, having rolled Evil as her teen trait).  As it turned out, Razzy is something of a super-skiller!  She had an inclination toward the observatory — quickly maxing out her mental skill and filling the house with pictures of the universe.  She completed her rolled aspiration as well as two others, Whiz Kid and Artistic Prodigy (she tried to complete Social Butterfly as well, but only ended up with two friends; the townies aren’t very receptive to aliens).

The last day of Gen 1 was an extremely eventful one, to say the least.  It was a Sunday.  Gerardo needed one more day at work to max his career; he spent his last day off playing chess with Razzy to get his logic skill up to level 8.  Nyla had made peace with her life coming to an end; she got one last promotion at work (making her a Celebrity Mixologist +3), then spent her final day doing all of her favorite things: watching Culinary Training Videos, listening to Pop music, mixing drinks, and woohooing Gerardo.  She rolled the whim to Woohoo him on their last night together, as if she knew what was coming; both had the Completely Satisfied moodlet afterward, neither was Dangerously Tired.  They died in the early morning at the exact same time.  Both girls woke up and ran into their parents’ bedroom.  Razzy pleaded for her dad’s life, having the highest relationship with him — she failed.  Payton was a teary mess, whereas Razzy just stood there, mouth gaped open in shock.  She didn’t make a sound.

The girls were both ready to age up, so Payton threw a Black and White “funeral” party in her parents’ honor (I felt it was fitting, especially since Payton’s Evil).  Most of the Sims she knew were now ghosts according to her relationship panel, so she invited all of her childhood acquaintances from the park.  The amazing writer CathyTea has a theory that the townie children generated for the Social Butterfly aspiration often age up with compatible traits to your played Sims, as if they’re specially designed potential spouses.  It think she’s really onto something, because Rusty Mendez, one of Payton’s childhood friends, aged up into a Materialistic, Creative, Romantic Sim.  It only took them a couple of Sim hours to become good friends: he shared his creative ideas and she brought him to tears with her violin.

Meanwhile, Razzy spent the majority of the party playing chess with Glenn Carrier, one of the only townies who liked that she was an alien (he is a Genius and a Geek, after all).  Wanting to know what the “empathy” interaction was, I had her try it out on him.  She got Very Flirty!  And immediately rolled the Ask Someone to Go Steady whim on top of an Ask Glenn To Be Boyfriend whim.  I had her “Ask if Single,” and she started throwing out a slew of autonomous flirts!  Sexy poses, offering roses, holding hands.  Their relationship didn’t progress fast enough to Ask To Be Boyfriend, but I held onto that whim for later.

The party was only a moderate success: Silver (I blame the caterer — the only goal we didn’t complete was “cook one black and white food”).  But I think we made significant progress in the legacy: at the end of the day, Razzy had a romantic interest, Payton had a best friend, Rusty moved in to provide some financial security (he’s in the Business career; I’ll have him take the Investment branch when the time comes), and the house got another remodel.  For this legacy, I’m not allowing myself to ever bulldoze the lot or drastically change the house — I’m allowing myself to expand, shrink, and change the interior to fit the family’s needs as I go along, but I still want the house to somewhat resemble the Gen 1 home by the end of the challenge.

The Screenshots

feel free to skip/skim this section, it’s extremely image heavy

08-12-15_2-56 PM
Willow Creek Night Life
Meeting Dina Caliente, co-worker
Meeting Dina Caliente, co-worker
Cute mailman! Go go go!
Cute mailman! Go go go!
“Huh, funny running into you here, mailman.”
And now you're inviting yourself over...
And now you’re inviting yourself over…
Plumbob Gazing
Plumbob Gazing
08-12-15_7-50 PM-3
“Insecure, much? What are you hiding in there–another Sim?”
“Ehehehe, something like that.”
08-12-15_7-56 PM
“The mailman? Really? Thumbs down.”
“Excuse you?”
Birthday time!
Birthday time!
Party so hard.
Party so hard.
“Will you be my birthday present?”
“Still got it.”
And this is why I don't like parties.
Annnd…this is why I don’t like parties.
“Welcome to the club.”
“We aren’t old, right?”
“Still a mailman, but a business mailman.”
“Wedding time!”
“Legacy knight, huh? Got any tips for me?”
Sealed the deal.
Sealed the deal with a kiss.
*cue Awwws*
And a hug.
And a drink.
And a drink…or two.
“WAKE UP! I’m pregnant!”
“YAY! Can I go back to bed now?”
Well, that took an unexpected turn.
Well, that was fun for about ten seconds.
At least someone's enthusiastic.
“So you’re like, a mom now?  That’s…great!  We can still come for Friday night drinks, right?”
We're going to pretend like this is a juice bar, and only a juice bar.
We’re going to pretend like this is a smoothie bar, and only a smoothie bar.
Judging all of you so hard.
Judging all of you so hard.
Happy parents?
Happy parents?
Birthday time...
Birthday time…
Birthday time...again!
Birthday’s all around!
Like mother, like daughter.
Like mother, like daughter.
I feel, Ger. I'm not a party person either.
I feel, Ger. I’m not a party person either.
Squad game strong.
Squad game strong.
“Girls rule!”
“Boys…are kinda cute but also have cooties so stay like five squares away but talk to us please.”
Showing off the skillz.
Showing off the skillz.
He's gonna be cute when he ages up -- mark my words.
He’s gonna be cute when he ages up — mark my words.
Bringing the party home! Cause we can't stop...and we won't stop... (I'll show myself out.)
Bringing the party home! Cause we can’t stop…and we won’t stop… (I’ll show myself out.)
“Take me! Please! Just get me out of this house full of dominant women!”
“Wait a second…”
“Thanks, ladies. I had fun too.”
“What’s wrong with you? You know, if you lost some weight, you’d probably feel better.”
“I don’t know…maybe if you cooked something other than cheesecake once in awhile–“
“OH! Now you don’t like my cheesecake?!  I’d better not hear you getting up at 3 AM for a ‘midmorning snack’ then!”
“You seriously need to get that checked out.”
“It’s just a little extra weight. Nothing a good workout won’t fix.”
You really should have seen this coming. You drank the cocktails.
You really should have seen this coming — you drank the cocktails.
Alien babies are so much more adorable (and creepy) than Sim babies.
“I’m gonna name you Raspberry Twizzler.  If your Earth mommy asks, it’s not the name of those delicious cocktail drinks your Space mommy gave me…”
All the friends are aging up, which means...birthday time -- again!
All the friends are aging up, which means…birthday time — again!
Your Teen trait shocked me too.
Your Teen trait shocked me too, but I didn’t fall over.  Pull it together, Payton.
I can't tell if it's teen moodiness or general Evilness. Honestly, I'd prefer the Evil.
I can’t tell if it’s teen moodiness or general Evilness. Honestly, I’d prefer the Evil.
Time to age up Razzy as well! Don't look so excited, Nyla.
Time to age up Razzy as well! Don’t look so excited, Nyla.
“No hard feelings?”
“The feelings are not hard.”
Mother-alien daughter bonding time!
Mother-adopted alien daughter bonding, awww.
“Yes, the Earthly mother accepts me.”
Payton is the epitome of teen angst.
Payton is the epitome of teen angst.
Just kidding -- now she is. #IDon'tHaveTimeForThis
“Hello fellow purple Earth inhabitant!”
Ahh! Cute Kid is still a kid! Go, Razzy, go!
Ahh! Cute Kid is still a kid! Go, Razzy, go!
“You’re a real life alien! That’s SO COOL!”
“Really? Also, checkmate.”
They share a love of the nightly news and almond macaroons.
They share a love of the nightly news and almond macaroons.
Oh--and Earthly Mom.
Oh–and Earthly Mom.
“We’ve lived a good, long life. Let’s go out in style.”
*cue Marvin Gaye*
*cue R. Kelly’s Bump and Grind*
“Wow.  That was amazing.  Yo, Grimmy, we’re ready now!”
“Sorry kids, I’ve got orders from the boss man himself.”
And then there were two.
And then there were two.
“Who are you and what are you doing on my porch?  If you’re from Child Services I’m gonna have to trap you in a doorless room.  You’ve got three seconds to decide.”
“I was invited to the party?”
“Oh…uh…right! Err, I like your skull shirt.”
“I was just about to say that I like your skull shirt!”
“You’re good. Like, really good. But go long and low at the end — it’ll add to the dramatic effect.”
“Ohmigosh, you’re so right!”
Am I the only one who thinks cloudgazing looks so romantic?
Am I the only one who thinks cloudgazing looks so romantic?
“Adulthood, I have arrived!”
“And I am finally of the age of teens!”
“Glenn, you are also of the age of teens!”
“Wha–Razzy? You aged up…*gulp* well!”
“Oh! You sense that you are in the mood of romance!”
“I have thought for a long time that you would be an excellent mate for me.”
“I–uh, I’m flattered.”
“I have chosen well!”


if you’ve made it this far, you might as well keep going

First, I’d like to share the house progression.  There have been four major remodels so far — the most recent was the last thing I did in-game, so there are no pictures of it above.  Going into Gen 2 the total household worth is 85,000 simoleons, and the family has about 100 simoleons in left over in household funds (lol).  Rusty does have the Mansion Baron aspiration, so the house will be growing quite a bit during Gen 2.

Legacy Lawn Living
Legacy Lawn Living
Starter Home
Starter Home
Family Home
Family Home
Aspiring Mansion
Aspiring Mansion

Something I’ve discovered by playing a fairly “autonomous” game is that the Sims, when allowed to, develop favorites!  You’ll find them doing certain activities, listening to certain types of music, eating types of food, etc. more than others — and I think that’s so cool!  It’s like the TS3 favorites, but hidden — and you don’t pick them out, the Sims do.  Here are some of the most distinct favorites I’ve noticed so far:

Nyla: favorite activities — mixing drinks, dancing to stereo music; favorite music — Pop; favorite food — anything gourmet

Gerardofavorite activities — playing chess, watching the News; favorite music — Winter Holiday; favorite food — no preference

Child Payton: favorite activities — playing Keyboard Commander, dancing to stereo music; favorite music — Spooky; favorite food — SimCity Cheesecake

Child Razzy: favorite activities — using the observatory, watching the News; favorite music — Easy Listening; favorite food — Almond Macaroons

I also found the Nyla's
I also found Nyla’s “perfect” icecream — vanilla, waffle pieces, and caramel drizzle.

Stat-wise,  think I did okay with this couple.  Gerardo completed the Friend of the World aspiration, maxed the Charisma skill, and reached level 9 of the Management branch of the Business career. Nyla completed the Master Mixologist aspiration, maxed the Charisma, Cooking, Gourmet Cooking, and Mixology skills, and reached the top of the Mixologist career — Celebrity Mixologist (+3!)promo

Nyla’s Sim Stats are pretty impressive as well — 374 whims completed!  (Also, I’m just now realizing I cut off the bottom part of the Emotions section…plummit…)

Nyla's StatsGerardo’s Sim Stats are less impressive, but I did play him for one less lifestage than Nyla.  Overall, I think I did pretty good with both of them.Gerardo's Stats

 The Family Tree, complete with Razzy’s mother:Tree 1

Lastly, as I am tracking points for this legacy, here’s the score so far:

The scoresheet I use is made by SimGuySteve and can be found at Pinstar's Sims Legacy Challenge Website.
The scoresheet I use is made by SimGuySteve and can be found at Pinstar’s Sims Legacy Challenge Website.

Not bad for Gen 1, if I say so myself.  😉


3 thoughts on “Unwritten: Generation 1

  1. It was really fun reading about this family from a birds-eye view, a little more removed than a blow-by-blow. It is cool that not having your own story line in mind lets them develop their autonomy more, and their preferences. They did GREAT for first generation! By the way, your plan for the same house (at least recognizable) the whole time, sounds really interesting. I am interested in doing that but it’s hard to imagine myself sticking to that. Maybe if I had other games going at the same time…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was a lot of fun to read, it’s cool to get the whole lowdown on a full generation and a bit in one post! I don’t know if I could play a full on whimacy, and I could definitely not do a full-on no rule breaking pinstar legacy (I hate to have the family stay on one lot for the entire challenge – I get so bored of the scenery), but it was really entertaining to witness as a reader 🙂 I had no idea elders could still get pregnant from alien abduction, how cool!


    1. When GTW first came out, I remember a lot of people complaining about their male elder getting abducted/pregnant all the time, but this was the very first abduction I’ve had period, so I really wasn’t expecting it. Actually, I thought he was waking up in the middle of the night to die…whoops. xD

      I like structure in my games, but I totally feel you on the boring scenery thing — I wish we would’ve gotten a 50×50 lot in Newcrest so it was Pinstar-compliant. I can’t wait for Windenberg — I think I’ll start a “new” legacy there with my Simself legacy Gen 10 heir. ^.^


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