Cool Kitchen Stuff Review

08-14-15_12-16 AMCool Kitchen Stuff is now available on Origin for the usual Stuff Pack price of $10 USD.  It’s composed of one kitchen set, an icecream machine, a few decor items, and a surprising amount of CAS items.08-14-15_12-36 AMThe kitchen set includes upper and lower cabinets (island and regular), a fridge and stove, a table, a dining chair, and a barstool.  The free dishwasher that came in the patch update matches this set, color-wise.

08-14-15_12-19 AMThough I’m disappointed in the lack of “kitchen” things in general, I really, really love the new CAS and decor items — I’ll definitely be using all of them at some point.  08-14-15_12-38 AMMy favorite decor item is this painting.  It only costs a hundred simoleons (perfect for artsy Sims on a budget) and comes in twelve styles; I see myself using this item a lot.

08-14-15_12-21 AMThe main event of this pack is the addition of icecream — something that I would never complain about!  Flavors unlock as the Cooking skill is increased, though I didn’t notice the skill increasing while making icecream.  It takes about half an hour of Sim-time to make; when finished, it shows up in your Sim’s inventory.  Once placed in-world, you can choose a topping and garnish.  There are so many flavors and toppings that I don’t see myself getting bored with this too quickly; it’ll be a must-have for kids’ parties!08-14-15_12-24 AMI’ve already discovered that certain Sims prefer certain flavors and combinations!  I’m not sure what determines a “good” combination, or if it varies from Sim to Sim, but so far I’ve gotten good results with vanilla, caramel syrup, and waffle pieces.  If you already own the pack, what are your Sims’ favorite combos?08-14-15_12-25 AMOf course, with so much good there has to be some bad — there’s a new “brain freeze” animation.  (Don’t worry — it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the Sims’ actual moods.)  Certain flavors have mood-altering affects, some positive and some negative.08-14-15_12-27 AMI have had Sims roll whims to buy an icecream maker, but I haven’t seen a whim to make or eat icecream.  It’s a little too easy to forget about, especially since I haven’t seen Sims autonomously make it.  Another thing that bothers me ever so slightly is the  size of the cones — they’re massive compared to the Sims themselves!  But with the right toppings and adorable icecream-munching animations, I’m starting to get over it.  And, there are always reasonably-sized bowls.08-14-15_12-39 AM(All outfits and hairstyles on the Sims in the shots above are from the pack.)  There are seventeen CAS items for women: five hairstyles, seven tops, and three bottoms; eleven items for men: two hairstyles, eight tops, and one pair of bottoms; and two apron-themed outfits, one for each gender.  That’s an amazing amount of CAS content for a SP, especially a kitchen-themed one!

Over-all, I’m glad I purchased the pack.  I love the new content, though I do wish there were more (specifically, more kitchen stuff).  If you’re a “collector” like me and want ALL of the hairstyles and clothes, it’s a must-have, because the CAS items are the best part, in my opinion.  If the items shown above don’t strike you as “worth it” (as I showed about 80% of the items in the pack), I’d say this is one you could pass up — or at least wait for a sale.


2 thoughts on “Cool Kitchen Stuff Review

  1. I keep forgetting about the ice cream actually, it’s never occurred to me that they’d be great for kids parties! I do think that the past parts this SP has to offer have nothing to do with kitchens, but misleading advertising aside, it is good content. And I do have to admit the swatches the new kitchen does come in are nice.


    1. I wish they made it autonomously, and/or rolled whims pertaining to the least Foodies and Gluttons, y’know? I don’t think I’ve even had a Sim autonomously *eat* icecream! I keep meaning to make it at parties, but it isn’t one of the goals, so I always forget.

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