Welcome!  This blog is a mix-mash of everything my other blogs aren’t: bloopers, behind-the-scenes info, short stories, game reviews, and other commentary that just doesn’t belong on a story blog.  Feel free to look around and enjoy the chaos.


Screenshots you can’t get anywhere else — these are the hilarious, tragic, amazing moments that didn’t make it into the stories.

Builds & Sims

Sims of all origins reside here: CAS Sims created by yours truly, premades fresh out of CAS with makeovers, and the occasional exceptional townie!  Build tours of my original creations can also be found here.


I have a lot to say, okay?  Here’s where all of my semi-off-topic, rant-y, rave-y, random commentary resides.  Read at your own risk.


I’m an avid pack collector — I can’t resist myself when new content is released.  I buy it all!  For those of you who are more selective, perhaps these reviews will help you decide what’s worth it and what’s not.


Sometimes I like to commit to something and formulate a decent storyline.  Here’s where you’ll find those times.

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